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The Rushing-Manbaby and the Crooked Road to the Big Time - A novel-fiction

ResizeImageHandler.pngThe Rushing Manbaby and the Crooked Road to the Big Time by Don Alberts “ It was the “Rushing,” the elegant toxic poison that came to sing through my body, devouring my blood, consuming my fragile countenance to the continuing onset of an endless bliss. I was sliding into the world of a comfortable unconscious!” Childhood for Louis Parker was pretty normal. He lived in a blissful home with his mother, stepfather, and half-brother, where love and comfort were always offered. Even as a young boy, Louis exuded a special passion for music with his fondness in playing the piano. His teenage life was even more colorful. Dating several girls and riding around town in his Ford convertible was what life was all about, and enlisting in the navy reserve unit during the Korean War was a such a noble act for a happy-go-lucky person as him. Always been the dreamer and the risk-taker, Louis’ life is now slowly led to the side of danger. With a love for music at hand, he gradually finds himself under the spotlight and into stardom. He has made himself to become a mythic icon in the world of jazz music. But along with the promises of fame are the temptations of drugs. How badly does he want to grasp his dream? Wrapped with an engaging plot played along by realistic characters, The Rushing: Manbaby and the Crooked Road to the Big Time provides a glimpse into the tough sub-culture of drugs and jazz music in the 1960s and the “ Crooked Road to the Big Time.” Through the depths of heroin addiction, jazz music, tough rehabilitation and self-discovery, you will be inspired by one man’s struggle to make it back and survive. Buy it Here...

Absolute Time - Poetry

"Absolute Time" New poetry collection just out.

Small Unrested Desires

Short Stories and Poetry by Don Alberts

Small Unrested Desires is a collection of short stories. essays humor and social perspectives on America; observations and impressions of life and nature, political and social satire plus affirmations and poetry.   

Ancient Warrior-Selected Poems from 1995 to 2005

Ten years of Poetry

Poetry Collection: Writing, Melancholy, Nature, self awareness, social perspectives, criticism, love, spiritual growth, motivation, compassion, joy and peace.